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Vission And Mission

"World forum of food & Wine" (WFFW) is a trade promotion association for Food & Wine Industry. The main business and agenda of this organization will be to promote trade in Food & Wine industry, by enrolling members from relevant companies in India and Abroad. WFFW will be organizing for its members, B2B Meetings, participation in concerned conferences and Trade Shows and handling delegations from India and abroad, on vice versa basis.


WFFW was formally launched on 27th May, 2016 in “Inspire Hall” at Le Meridian Hotel, New Delhi.  Over 100 distinguished guests from different areas of trade including top importers, exporters, businessmen and industrialists were present.  In addition, some 22 Diplomats including 5 Ambassadors also attended the event.

From among the speakers on the occasion apart from the President, Vice-President & Secretary of WFFW were Mr. Bishan Kumar, Editor & Publisher, Spiritz, a renowned Food Service Magazine and Mr. LalitAsrani, CEO from Rodaaji, one of the top importer Company in India and abroad, on vice versa basis.


  1. Ambassador Deepak Vohra, CEO &President
  2. Mr. Sandeep Grover, Vice President
  3. Mr. Vipin K. Gupta, Secretary
  4. Mr. Aswani Rai, Member
  5. Mr. Vikaram Sharma, Member
  6. Mr. Abhishek Baweja, Member
WFFW aims to establish contact with partner companies across the globe and share their resources, synergies and strengths for the benefit of industry. These services are not only limited to products or sourcing but also extend to various types of business relationships, associations, joint ventures & technology transfers. WFFW is based in India with its association with various International Food & Wine companies and trade promotion associations from worldwide.
WFFW is committed to representing and promoting innumerable small and large sized business entities that offer diverse range of food and wine products around the world. The objective of this enterprise will be to effectively harness the true business potential in Food & Wine Industry by paving way for the next advanced phase in the development sector.
Renowned as one of the most prominent trade promotion association for Food & Wine in the country, WFFW has succeeded in creating a landscape conducive for the growth of Food & Wine. WFFW provides a shared arena for associate companies from India and abroad to showcase a wide range of products.
WFFW bring together the entrepreneurial aspirations of various enterprises in the Food & Wine Industry on a single platform. Shared experiences in the field of Food and Wine Industry bind all enterprise together to achieve common marketing goals. WFFW will make a concerted effort to expand the scope of Food & Wine Industry.

We offer the following advantages:

  • Complimentary B2B advice & Partner Search.
  • Global network of experts.
  • Specialization in setting up Business in India & Overseas.
  • Expertise in exports and imports.
  • Matching Indian companies with companies worldwide.

WFFW is a non-profit organisation promoting the Food & Wine Industry. We offer our services to the Agriculture, Horticulture, Fishery & Agro- Alimentary sectors. We are an industry promoted organization and led by very senior executives with global experience.

The Organization

  1. Mr. S.P.Bhatt, General Manager (a former Diplomat)
  2. Ms. Vamika Kaushal, Business Development Manager (Spanish Quality Analyst)
  3. Ms. Anjali Grover, International Business Operations Coordinator

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